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I work as a consultant, an academic in the arts field, and a manager with more than ten years of experience in the performing arts. I specialize in curatorship, programming, and other lines of expertise such as audience development, marketing for the arts, the design of inclusion projects, and planning.
I am an actress by training and an M.A in Arts Administration from Columbia University, NY. I served as executive director of Teatro UC and director of programming and audiences at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), both spaces located in Santiago, Chile.

I currently live in Buenos Aires developing myself as an advocate and leader in the cultural field with the development of diverse programming and management consulting projects, articulating fields for international challenges and collaborative initiatives among other goals. Also, I continue my role in academia by being a lecturer in various universities and programs in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, conducting specific courses.

Part of the international collaboration networks in which I participate is the programmatic advisory committee of IFFACA (Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies) for the next 9th World Summit on Arts and Culture International and ISPA (International Society of Performing Arts).

I also serve as a consultant in planning for the arts, programming, and audiences for organizations in Chile and other countries.


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